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Recently renovated and opened in November 2021, Lanier House at Waypoint Senior Living is unlike any other Senior Living community in Hall County, GA and surrounding areas. 

All who walk through the front doors for the first time are immediately struck not only by the beautiful finishes and furnishings, but most importantly by the sense of warmth and love that permeates the home. Over and over, we hear the same reaction from visitors... "Wow, I wish could live here!". We feel the same way!


Lanier House at Watermark Senior Living
5761 Conner Rd-(42-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(20-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(11-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(04-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(45-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(05-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(18-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(21-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(43-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(07-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(06-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(02-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(40-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(48-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(41-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(03-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(49-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(47-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(58-61)

Owners Dean and Julie began with a vision that Lanier House would provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful home for our residents, and by extension their families who come to visit. Part of that vision included the creation of outdoor spaces that allow residents and their families to experience the natural beauty that Waypoint has to offer.

From the design of our courtyard, with its covered porch, large gazebo and walking trails, to the covered rocking chair front porch, to the individual patios that allow each resident their own dedicated outdoor space, the outdoors is an integral part of the Waypoint experience for our residents.

5761 Conner Rd-(08-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(10-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(14-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(34-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(35-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(36-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(39-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(54-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(14-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(37-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(41-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(36-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(34-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(33-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(37-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(38-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(53-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(56-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(58-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(51-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(17-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(22-61)

When designing bedrooms and bathrooms, we envisioned spaces that we would want for our own parents... bright, light and airy, while still warm and inviting. Neutral grays, wood-look LVP flooring and board and batten accent walls in every room round out the modern farmhouse aesthetic that is evident throughout the common areas at Lanier. House.


5761 Conner Rd-(23-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(24-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(25-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(26-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(27-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(28-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(29-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(30-61)
5761 Conner Rd-(31-61)

Seeing this vision come to life has been an exciting journey! Lanier House at Waypoint is truly unique. We invite you to call today and schedule a tour and experience for yourself what makes Lanier House at Waypoint so special!


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